Witchcraft through Food

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 Historically witches practiced witchcraft through food with a mixture of tools used to add the ability to witchcraft food rituals. They used crystals, cense, oils, and assertions, to help witchcraft of the power. Chocolate, cake and coffee ancient’s witchcraft were known to eat foods comprising a particular energy for the grounds of, intensity and safety in battle, fortunate childbirth, successfulness, love and sex. Approximately all around the world, food is still used for magic and witchcraft spells, no marriage is accomplished without a wedding cake, and when the cake is eaten, a wish is made for healthy and happy married life further.  Birthday rites around the world are carried on and candles are located on a cake and burned out by the one whose birthday it is, blows out the candles and makes a wish, this in itself is an act of witchcraft spell by food, and the person blowing out the candles spirits a sense of upbeat when this is done.

Witchcraft through Food

Witchcraft through Food

We people do not know, but we are using many witchcraft rituals from the past as a habit to perform that gives us the desired result through food. Such as cutting a cake before any marriage ceremony and eaten by each participant and make a wish by everyone for log life for the birthday candidate, by doing this they are also participating in the witchcraft attack spell. Food is the best magical tool that can be used easily to perform any kind of witchcraft spell and can be used for positive change in your life. While everyone has to eat to live, and if all food is cooked with a purpose for love, money, or auspices, cookery will help you to apparent what you want out of life.

 Witchcraft Using Bread

 Witchcraft using a bread-preparing witchcraft spells for specific magical purposes, cook bread with purpose and care about your intention. Keep your goal in mind, love, money, security, wellness, fertility, sex, activity, intensity, psychic awareness or its intentions can be fulfilled with the use of our astrology service of witchcraft using bread. Cut bread into shapes symbolic of your charming intention, such as hearts for love a Pentangle for protection. By pondering the energy of love, wealth, or security, you can contribute magic into your kitchen each day.


As you exercise your witchcraft using bread or cookery, you will find a new rejoices in the ritual of food preparation and you will attain the success in gaining the things you desire. Come upon the magic of food by employing the energy comprised within. Witchcraft using Bread is often referred in alignment with witches, the devil, and mysterious practices, perhaps because it was such a common raw material to use to do witchcraft using bread. In the past witches used to perform magic spells on people using bread, it seems easy to complete the process of spells and they do not have doubt whether someone is performing magic on them.

Witchcraft Using Bananas

Witchcraft using bananas is based on herbs that are fully secure and do not have any side effect. Everybody does witchcraft on such fruits that are edible. While Non-vegetarian people can also eat, Bananas but vegetarians do not eat any kind of meat so it is hard for witches to perform witchcraft. However, witchcraft using Bananas can be done easily and effectively. The method to do witchcraft using banana is as follows.


Take a fresh banana, a red ribbon and a piece of sheepskin, and reflect upon that which you attempt the truth about. Now light a white candle, and clear your mind from negativity and be enthusiastic about your goal of witchcraft spell. Write that you want to know in the back of sheepskin and it towards you three times, then, slice the banana, and push the paper into it. It is time to tie the red ribbon around the banana to seal off it, and make sure to have a more farseeing strand bound, so you can hang the banana. This witchcraft spell uses Banana and there are, many other spells that can be performed with the proper use of Bananas.

Witchcraft Using Chickens

 For centuries, witches have been using chicken to create powerful magical spells, witchcraft and love magic is one of the most favored done by astrologer to help lovers to get their lost love back. Chickens were used in these witchcraft rituals, which were frantic and dreadful to witness as people fell to the ground owned.

Chickens are used in the exercise of witchcraft spell Hoodoo, as well as other wizard costumes, for the protection and for foe work. The chickens are conceived to be powerful shelter against malefic doers and are thought to work by magic “canceling” one’s enemy. Many astrologers of witchcraft will use a chicken as part of an anti-theft spell that is generally persisted to open. Therefore, to use this witchcraft using chickens you can visit our astrologers.

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