Protect From Evil Eye

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Protect From Evil Eye

How To Protect From Evil Eye ?

Protect From Evil Eye, Hey, are you facing issues in your life because of the evil eye? Don’t worry here going to explain you about how to protect from the evil eye. The meaning of evil eye is, it is not a false notion but it can brutally affect anyone by physical or spiritual level. And the evil eye is an admired faith that someone can willingly or unwillingly bring disease and dishonor to another person to look at them, typically brought on by jealousy.

How to understand about the evil eye?

Mainly by four ways you can understand the evil eye.

  1. According to the symptoms
  2. By following the firewood method.
  3. By the wax method.
  4. Through the text with oil.
  5. According to the symptoms

Protect From Evil Eye

Protect From Evil Eye

Protect From Evil Eye

The changes happening in an active person such as eye infections, fever, weakness, and feeling full of negative energy. The main thing is the evil eye affect person will have to face family, profession and personal issues without any valid reasons.

  1. The coal method to understand the presence of evil eye.

The coal method practiced and proved in Eastern Europe. The procedure in this is; drop a small part of charcoal into a pot of water. Then you can also use the head of burned match. If the charcoal is going down it’s a good sign, if it is floating means the person affected the evil eye.

3. Wax method

Drip the hot wax into sacred water, and note down the reaction in there. If it splashes means you are testing for enclosing the evil eye, if it attaches to the side means you affected by the evil eye.

  1. Oil method

Leave three or two drops of oil into the water if it forms like an eye means you are affected the evil eye.

Some easy techniques to cure the evil eye

  1. The touch method: It is one of the easiest ways to cure the evil eye.  This technique is commonly used in Hispanic cultures. According to this, the person who  by evil eye touches the child it will cure.
  2. The method with egg: this method is commonly used in Mexico and Latin countries. If the problem affects your child pass the egg above the baby body and pray then, place the egg in the basin under the pillow. Leave there in the night and test the white is misty that means your child affected the evil eye and the same time it cures.
  3. The hand signals: some studies say that making certain signals with your hand can cure the evil eye. One signal is the mono cornuto, which is a fist with the key and horned hand. At the time of mono cornuto point your hand down. The next technique is mono fico here stick your thumb in between the middle finger and index finger.

How to protect house from evil eye?

Do you want to protect your house from the evil eye? Don’t worry the answer is here for you.

  1. One of the main things for protecting your home from evil eye is a blessing, that means first you want to bless your home based on religion rules. With the help of an experienced person, you can do the blessings.
  2. Take details about the vastu from a well-known person.
  3. Always keep clean your home the evil or spirit will not enter cleaned places. So you can control the evil eye presence in your home.
  4. Do spiritual blessings with your friends and family members.
  5. Place the evil eye preventing Raksha in front of your home.
  6. Do prayer in all days.
  7. Do pooja every day in front of your god.
  8. Some people are using the mirror technique, to control the negative energy presence in home hand one mirror in front of a window or a door. That will help to avoid the evil eye effect.

How to protect the child from evil eye?

Protect From Evil Eye

A child is a great gift from god, everyone wish to protect and love their child more than anything. If any evil eye affect child parents will feel like they are living in the hell so everyone is searching for how to protect the child from evil eye? Here going to explain some techniques for that;

  1. When someone gave a better compliment about your child based on his/her beauty, performance, or behavior. You can do the spit method, around three ties spit over your left side shoulder and touch the wood three times to prevent the evil eye.
  2. Based on your religion, pray in front of your god and with the help of an experienced person collect the red string in the name of your child. Then keep the string with your child as tied in hand or neck or crib bar.
  3. Keep a pink coral bracelet with your child to protect from evil eye effect.
  4.  In some studies proves that if the baby is wearing a gold chain with black beads will help him/her from evil eye effect.

How to stay away from evil eye?

If the evil eye affects you that can remove all the happiness and enjoyments from your life. So, better to stay away from the evil eye, you can protect yourself from it by some actions.

  1. First thing is you should  obedient and give more attention to your responsibilities and family.
  2. The second thing is you should give more efforts on your work like a hard worker and good worker.
  3. Share your happiness and future planning only with trusted people. And find out the bad and unlucky friend of you.
  4. Always you want to think about your future then only you will keep something for future. If you are doing like that then easily you can overcome some issues.
  5. Keep the photo of a person one who can give more positive energy that you can keep in office table or wallet.
  6. Trust with god that also will help you to stay away from the evil eye effect.

If you can’t clear the evil eye effect contact a better person who has experience in this field.

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