Spell To Make Him Regret And Come Back

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Spell To Make Him Regret And Come Back

Spell To Make Him Regret And Come Back can be use to make him regret leaving me and to make ex regret losing you. If you want then we will provide you spell to make him come back crying to provide you maximum result.

Spell To Make Him Regret And Come Back

Spell To Make Him Regret And Come Back

Despite true love, your lover rejects. You still miss him. Consequently, you want him to regret and return. In such a situation, you can cast magic love spells on him. As a result, he will return soon. He will also correct his mistakes.

Accordingly, you will find these spells handy;

  • For the Linkage Spell, you need a few strands of your boyfriend’s hair. Now put them with your hair. Again, you can make 40 small balls from clay. Bury one every day for 40 days in a place close to your lover’s house. Do it in the evening. Furthermore, repeat his name several times.
  • In the Lemon, Spell takes a fresh lemon, a piece of pink paper and a red thread. Write your and your boyfriend’s name on the paper. Now, fold the paper touching your names. Keep it in between the two lemon halves. Tie them with the red thread. Hide it in the freezer. All the time visualize your lover.
  • You need six candles for the Candle Spell. Place one green candle on a North-facing flat surface in your room. Keep the yellow one in the east. The blue candle faces the west. The red one should point south. Hold the two pink candles. Then meet the south. Finally, remain focussed on your boyfriend.

Therefore, these methods will get you instant results. Perform them with good intention. Otherwise, they will backfire. Hence, take expert guidance to master this art.

Spell To Make Him Regret Leaving Me

Spell To Make Him Regret Leaving Me, Cheer up! You can cast love spells on your lover. Consequently, he will return and be yours forever. Moreover, he would regret his mistake of leaving you.

Hence you can apply these spells;

  • Take three red roses for the Crescent Moon Spell. Separate the petals. Now pour salt water in a glass bowl. Then, dip the petals. However, chant your lover’s name continuously. Do this on crescent moon Friday evening.
  • For the Magic Spell, take a red candle, sterile needle, one organic chicken wing, parchment paper, thread, three drops of your blood and wooden matches. Begin with lighting the red candle. Then, use a chicken wing to write your name on top of your lover’s name on the paper. Drop seven drops of candle wax on it. Pierce your finger with the needle. Now drop your blood on the paper. Later blow out the candle. Then wrap the chicken wing in a newspaper. Bury it that day itself. Burn the candle the next full moon. However, remember to melt it completely.
  • As per the Voodoo spell you need a man-shaped doll. Now take some hair strands of your lover’s. Also, take his dirty shirt. Then, stick his hair onto the doll’s head. Again, stick the shirt pieces on it to resemble your lover. Now, keep the doll in your pillow, preferably close to his pillow. Imagine the doll to be your lover.

Thus, you can use the above spells to reclaim your lost love.

Spell To Make Ex Regret Losing You

Spell To Make Ex Regret Losing You, If you want your ex to make, a comeback then cast love spells on him. Indeed, he will regret leaving you. He will even rectify his mistake.

Therefore, take note of these powerful spells;

  • Light a red, white or black candle. Leave it burning. Now stare at the flame. Hold your lover’s photo. You can also write his name on paper and hold it. Drip candle wax on it. Then keep the paper with the wax in a dark room.
  • According to the Magic, White Spell write your name on the white candle. Write your lover’s name on the pink one. Now light them with a wooden matchstick. Use a pencil to draw three hearts on the parchment paper. Drip wax from the white candle on the hearts. Do the same with the pink one. Later blow out the candles. This is a seven-day ritual. Use the same parchment throughout. Also, on the last day, burn the candles completely. Finally, keep it in a safe place.
  • Take a spiritual bath before the Wear red clothes. Now write your lover’s name on a red candle. Light it up. Focus on him continuously. Repeat the procedure for 21 days. By 40th day your boyfriend should return.
  • During the Mental Spell deeply concentrate on your lover. Quietly sit with your eyes. Open your eyes only on completion.

Thus, these spells are simple and effective. Eventually, you will get positive results.

Spell To Make Him Comeback Crying

Spell To Make Him Comeback Crying, If you still miss your lover, you would want to get him by any means. When you cast love spells with good intention, magic happens. Consequently, he will return. He will even cry over his mistake of rejecting you.

As a result, observe the following tricks cautiously;

  • You have to maintain full concentration for the Mental Spell. Sit in a secluded place. Keep your eyes closed. Now converse with your lover in mind. After finishing the ritual, open your eyes.
  • According to the Lemon Spell write your and your lover’s name on a pink paper. Cut a lemon into halves. Place the folded paper within the halves. Now tie them with a red thread. Later hide it in the freezer — all the while visualizing your lover.
  • The Linkage Spell requires you to possess at least a few strands of your lover’s hair. Keep them together with your hair strands. You can also make 40 small clay balls. Bury them each day near your lover’s house. Do this in the evening. Again, chant his name several times.
  • For the Candle Spell, you need six candles. Position a green candle on a North-facing table. Keep the red one in the south. Place the yellow in the east. The blue should face west. Hold two pink candles and face the south. Throughout the process, chant your lover’s name sincerely.

Thus, the above magic spells are simple and effective. Eventually, you reclaim your love and make him forever.

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