Spells For Business Growth

witchcraftw, 01/04/2019

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Spells For Business Growth

Spells For Business Growth, Most of the times, a business means spending hours at work, even spending weekends. This is a very excited and tensed way of life. There are ways to boost your energy levels so that we can follow our business growth dreams.

Do you ever feel that your business doesn’t have a growth or is going in the wrong direction? Sometimes you even think that even though you are giving your hundred percent, things are stuck.

Spells For Business Growth

Spells For Business Growth

Your confidence starts to shake. But now are you are reading this article full of spells, do not worry. If you own your own business or are self-employed in some other way, here are some great spells for business growth.

Supplies: One large dinner plate; 1⁄4 cup curd; seven foreign coins; one small red flannel bag; your choice of incense; your choice of olive or almond oil; one green candle; one yellow candle; one red candle; one blue candle; one magnet.

Write the name of your business (or what the business venture is all about) on a piece of paper. Carve the symbol of the sun on each candle.

Instructions: Anoint each candle with oil. Put the name of your business underneath the plate. Sprinkle the dish with the curd, asking for blessings from the goddess of all harvests. Arrange the seven foreign coins on the bed of curd in the shape of Om.

Set the green candle at the top of the arrangement, the yellow candle to the right, the red candle at the bottom, and the blue candle at the left of the agreement. Put the lodestone directly in the center of your coin pattern. Light the candles, beginning with the green candle, asking the goddess of all harvests to bring your business growth.

Light the incense, repeating your request. Allow the candles and incense to burn completely. Place the coins, the lodestone, and the cornmeal in the red bag. Carry the red bag with you as much as possible, or place somewhere in your business. Renew this spell every six months or when you feel the need.

There are no freebies for business growth. Ever. There must always be an equal exchange of energy between yourself and another, regardless of the event, situation, or need. If there is not a fair exchange, then you will eventually suffer. Does this mean that you can’t be charitable? Not at all.

I said “equal exchange of energy,” not necessarily a monetary fee for your services. Many of us were brought up with the idea that charity is the highest form of giving—which is true on its spiritual level. What becomes disturbing is the behavior of many individuals who feel that they should receive something for nothing simply because they breathe.

When trying to get your finances on track, don’t be so generous that you overextend yourself or leave yourself open to various scams that milk you of your paycheck. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

Use a divination tool, use some spells, consult outside sources that know an individual, corporation, or financial institution, and talk to your guardian god before you take any risk with your money.

Finally, Shakespeare’s adage of “neither a borrower nor lender be” should become your magical mantra in as many of your financial dealings as possible.

My adage is “never borrow money from a friend and never lend your friends money.” If you want to make a gift to someone, that’s different, but owing friends or having friends owe you get tied up with all sorts of nasty emotional issues. Don’t bother to go there.

Quick spells for Prosperity and Business growth

Performing spells, ceremonies, and exercises to improve your prosperity are fantastic when you have the time. What do you do when you’ve been faithfully working that manifesting or banishing magic and now you’ve got a trip to go on, a bus to catch, a date to meet, or homework to do? Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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