Black Magic To Control Husband Mind

witchcraftw, 25/03/2019

Black Magic To Control Husband Mind

Black Magic To Control Husband Mind, Constant rifts and fights have ended many marriages. Many times, partners cross the line of ethical conduct in a fit of rage. Couples have ended friendships over petty arguments and eventually regretted.

Love alone cannot take care of the relationship. A marriage requires a lot of understanding and maturity from both partners. In most cases, however, it’s the husbands who prefer to walk out of wedlock. Women usually try to salvage the wedding as much as possible.

For those of you, who are in a similar situation, here’s the black magic to control husband mind. You may not always know the reason why the man you love has suddenly changed. You may not know how and why things have irked you.

Black Magic To Control Husband Mind

Black Magic To Control Husband Mind

But somewhere inside, you know that something is wrong. Most likely this could result from daily life challenges. It could also be because of an evil spell cast by a jealous individual. To overcome these challenges and save your marriage, use the black magic to control husband mind.

Many cultures condition the man to be the dominant partner in a marriage. However, as time changed, women have been sharing equal responsibilities of the household. This change in the equation has been the reason for a lot of fights and divorces. Not all men have come to terms with this. At times the regular arguments and fights cross the line. Husbands start resorts to abuses and assaults.

In some cases, the husband also indulges in an extra-marital affair. He will also look down upon his wife and mistreat her in private as well as in public. Basically, in one way or other, you are going through a bad marriage. The solution, of course, is the black magic to control husband mind.


  1. Gather the following ingredients for this ritual – Your husband’s photo, 2 Betel Nuts, 4 Green Cardamoms, Some plain Salt, and a meter-long red cloth.
  2. You must be of cleansed body, mind and soul to do this ritual. You will have to refrain from non-veg, alcohol and other such vices.
  3. Start the ritual for black magic to control husband mind on a Friday and continue for a week.
  4. Sit in the lotus position and spread the red cloth on the floor in front of you.
  5. Take a pinch of Salt and form a line on the red cloth. Do it three more times such that it creates a square.
  6. Then place cardamom in each corner and your husband’s photo in the center.
  7. Hold the betel nuts in your right hand and chant the following mantra, 11 times –

|| jipaaan jo na mane too ammakitalakhamsheraki ||

  1. Now, blow your breath on the betel nuts.
  2. Then place the Betel Nuts on the Photo
  3. Now pull the end of the red cloth towards the center. Tie a knot to pack everything that was inside it.
  4. This concludes the Day One ritual of the black magic to control husband mind.
  5. Next day inwards, hold the wrapped red cloth in your hand, then recite the mantra and blow on it.
  6. Once you see a positive result, you must bury this somewhere safe where no one will discover it.
  7. You must choose a place where you would never usually go. Also, when you are leaving the area after burying, do not look back.

Do not hesitate or second-guess your decision. What you have done is one of the safest and cleanest rituals. The black magic to control husband mind doesn’t involve harming anyone or indulging in any occult practice. It’s the most straightforward yet most potent black magic ritual.

However, before you do the black magic to control husband mind, you must be sure of your decision. You must understand that the ritual works in a specific way. It clears the cobwebs of new bad conditioning and unwraps the great nature. This means, your husband must be good for this ritual to work.

If your husband is the right person who changed after the marriage, then he will transform back to his good self. However, if there’s a streak of bad traits in your husband, then it would require a more advanced approach.

You can consult an expert Black Magic Astrologer to understand the black magic better to control husband mind. You can ask your questions, clear your doubts and learn how to perform the ritual correctly.

If for any reason, you are unable to perform the ritual; you have can the Astrologer do it for you. The Astrologer can energize a talisman or totem using the black magic to control husband mind ritual. This you have to make somehow your husband wear. And soon you will see the transformation taking place. He will return to his original good self.

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