Mantra To Remove Black Magic Completely

witchcraftw, 19/06/2020

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Mantra To Remove Black Magic Completely

Mantra To Remove Black Magic Completely or to remove black magic from home is our services, Here we will provide you kali mantra to remove black magic effect. You can also use our hanuman mantra to remove black magic.

Which Mantra Use To Remove Black Magic Completely?

Everybody wants to live happily in life. Human beings, by nature, wants before anything else. They want to live far from any tension or worries, with peace with a perfect family and an ample amount of livelihood. Therefore each and everyone works hard and wants to achieve his/ her dream. And when he gets it, he wants to spend the rest of his life in peace.

Mantra To Remove Black Magic Completely

Mantra To Remove Black Magic Completely

However, things are not rosy every time as evil resides in every one of us. Each person has a dark face inside them, and when it exposes itself, your nurtured family life can be a living hell. Envy can make a person do the most evil of things. However, your relative or your closest friend can harm you as they can’t stand your happy and peaceful life.

Black magic is the most used ritual in these cases. It is easy and comes with almost a guarantee to harm the person. So many times we can see that the person can’t even get to know that he/ she is a victim of black magic rituals. He/ she panics for their loss but can’t get who is behind this.

To get rid of this, you have to recite the following mantra seven times, closing the rye and salt in your fist and turning your head towards worship place.

“Om namo aadesh guru ka;
Ek thau sarason sola raee;
Moro pathaval koro jaay;
Je karai te marai;
Ulat vidya taahi pai padai;
Shabd saancha pind kaancha;
Phuro mantr eeshvaree vaacha;
Duhaee shree kee..”

All black magic will be removed gradually.

Which Mantra Use To Remove Black Magic From Home?

Mantra To Remove Black Magic From Home, For every person, his/ her home and family are the most prized possession. Human can take everything upon him but can’t see his home destroyed or his family in problem.

Residence is the safest place for any person. A man knows that if the whole world goes against him, he has a family who will stand beside him. He will get support from them.

Your home and your family is the strongest and simultaneously the weakest part of yours. Enemies and your envious relatives and friends will undoubtedly find a way out to harm you where it hurts you the most…your home.

They will put a black magic spell on your house. After that suddenly you can sense the happiness is starting to vanish from your house. The environment of the house will also starts degrading.

To prevent this, you need to do a little trick. Prepare incense of mustard, googol, camphor, and cow ghee. After that, take a cow dung cake and burn it with the incense made. Then spread its sunlight while chanting the following mantra to every corner of your house.

“Alak Baba Siri Chand Di Rakh”

You have to do this for 21 days continuously. Only then, the negative effects will start to decrease gradually. This is a strong mantra that will protect your home from all the evil eyes and harmful rituals.

Which Kali Mantra Use To Remove Black Magic Effect?

Kali Mantra To Remove Black Magic Effect, Black magic, if done correctly and by an expert, it has the power to eradicate your loving family. Vengeance and envy are the two main reasons behind black magic or any dark rituals put on you. These two things bring immense dark aura with them. This powerful negative energy can hurt you and can make your life miserable.

From the ancient ages, positive and negative energies often got engaged in the clash, and every time positive energy wins. So, there is no reason to panic. To fight with the negative source of energy, we have to praise the supreme powerful source of positive aura, the Adyashakti.

Kali is the rage form of the supreme positive energy, the Adi Shakti. Kali is the goddess who is the protector of good and destroyer of evil. The Puran states that Ma Kali destroys all evil forces by her hand. She is also the controller of all the Ripu….which is the inner enemy lies among all of us.

If we want to get rid of any black magic properly, therefore it is best to praise Maa Kali and Recite the Kali mantra correctly.

Om Krim kali

Chanting this mantra drives away all the negative and evil forces and creates a positive force field around us. This mantra is supremely powerful and starts showing results soon. Within seven days, you can see the situation improving, and good things will start happening.

Which Hanuman Mantra Use To Remove Black Magic?

Hanuman Mantra To Remove Black Magic, Are you not feeling well for quite some time? For instance, are you feeling severe pain inside your head suddenly? You can feel that something wrong is happening in your home.

The family, whom you have taken care of throughout your life, suddenly starts degrading. You are facing troubles in your business or job field. And above all, peace has been disappeared from your house.

If all the above question has the same answer, yes, then you are maybe a victim of black magic. Black magic is a ritual or spell usually used to break down you both physically & mentally. It is a highly negative ritual often done by tantriks to harm a person. It can lead you to depression, mental illness, and anxiety. In addition to that, some black magic is also done to kill people.

However, every problem has a solution, and we have to believe in god. Only he can save us. Lord Hanuman is considered as the symbol of strength and power. He can destroy any evil force with his immense power.

Om Namo Bhagvate Aanjaneyaay Mahaabalaay Swaahaa

Firstly take a proper bath. After that, recite the above-stated mantra 21000 times. It will eradicate all the negative power and evil eyes from you. After that, you won’t get panicked in any challenging situation. As the Hanuman Chalisa states, no evil forces can come near you, and you can live your life free from worries.

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