Witchcraft Spells For Love

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Witchcraft Spells For Love

Witchcraft, do you heard about this? If the answer yes or no here the article is ready to give you a brief explanation of ‘witchcraft spells for love.’ The different chances of witchcraft spells will attract your special attention.

The  history of Witchcraft?

Inspire by means of mystery, unbelievable, fear and harsh facts the witchcraft historian be found back to centuries.

Witchcraft’ word has been originated from the phrase’s Wicca- the wise one’. It is seen a magical fact and the earliest records showing like it is used as protection against some diseases.

In church, the witchcraft and witches were treated as evil and it used for making connections with the devils.

Around three main spells are there in witchcraft they are:

a) Love spells
b) Protection spells
c) Money spells

1. Witchcraft spells to fall in love

Hoping that you will get used it for your own purposes, from here you can find out practical guidance for a spell. Please remain that a love spell could aid you to support your relationship, it will not do all for you. Some people are searching someone to spell behalf of them. If you wish to do own witchcraft to save your money then the ‘simple love spell’ will be an excellent option for you.

How to do a simple love spell?

Items needed: Candles (red, white), white paper, pen and one table.

Step -1
Place one red and one white candle on the center of a table, then, make sure about a fireproof container (help to absorb the heat)

Step – 2
Take one white paper and note down the qualities of the individual that you like to invite into your life. You can use any color pen but use only one color doesn’t write with mixed colors.

Step -3
After the writing concentrates on the words and strive to imagine the things you had like to do mutually and how he/she makes you feel. Then set your mind with full of happy, once you are ready to light the paper by both candles and say like:

“God, I ask you send to me this person I like,
I don’t know about their face or name,
At rest, I know he/she is out there, and
he/ she looking for me similarly.”

Step – 4
Please Confirm that the paper is flaming splendidly and put it into the fireproof container. Then, clean your face and relax.

The magic works and results for you are based on your approach more than any others. You have to maintain a positive attitude towards your target then only the spells to be effective. Witchcraft is a tool that helps you to focus your intention thus you are more liable to reach your goals.

2. How to attract a person? (Attraction spell)

Are you thinking about how to attract your lover or anyone? Right, you know how witchcraft spells to get what you want? It is easy, dedicate your full attention at the time of witchcraft doing for love or anything then, you will get a good result.

An attraction spell is a balmy type of love spell. It will help for making an only attraction, not for fall in love with you.

Simple attraction spell

Items needed for simple attraction spell: pink paper, pink carnation flower, rose quartz and one pen

Step -1

Take the pink flower and place it in a vase of water.


Write down the person name who you want to attract into the pink paper and fold tightly.

Step -3

Put the paper and rose quartz into the center petal of the pink flower. Say the following:

“Set this thought in his/her heart, life, and mind.
We will never apart.”

Place the flower in the water until the blossom is totally drooped and save the paper with you to stick with the effect of the spell.


Witchcraft Spells For Love


Witchcraft Spells For Love

Witchcraft Spells For Love

3. How about Witchcraft spells to get your ex back?

Love is a difficult thing, in some cases because of any issue your love leaves you and it makes you gloomy. That time you will feel like you need the person back in your life. Continue your reading to know witchcraft spells to get your ex back.

If you are a beginner in love spell try this easy love spells way:

Step -1

Fix a time at Friday night then, take one pink candle, white paper, and one pen.

Step -2

In white paper write your first name and your Ex last name then, draw a circle around the names. After that close your eye and think and say what you wish for:

“Ma lord, our luck is conserved we are one, so mote it be it is done!”

Look your pink candle at least 15 minutes when you meditating. If possible do meditation until the candle burns away.

You can do this spell with white candle too or if you don’t have a candle do “Love Knot Spell”:

Step – 1

For this spell take three different romantic color strings – white, red and pink.

Step -2

Knot close to one end of the braid as you think about a new love inward in your life. Tie the knot and do the prayer:

“Venus, emperor of love, heavenly
Convey the love to me he/she is only for me”

And visualize about romantic fell, love, and happy together, kissing etc. Do it around seven times and keep the tight string with you until get your ex back.

If you don’t mind to spending money for getting your ex back, you can prefer “The Ex-Back Formula” an e-book that can offer very good advice and tips about it.

4. How about witchcraft for breaking up

Are you thinking about to ending up a relationship? If yes, visualize your lover standing near to you in a forested clearing beneath a full moon. Imagine a white cord tied first your waist and then to your lover after that call out the god and pray like:

“To move through different pathway,
let my heart be free,
and happily separate our lives.”

Imagine yourself separating the cord from your lover then, walk away and leaving her/him at the back.

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