Stay Away From My Husband Spells

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Stay Away From My Husband Spells

Stay Away From My Husband Spells, Well, love stories today are very complex. You got an handsome husband? That means you are afraid other girls in his office or other places are already picking up on him. You cannot work in peace and cannot even eat in peace. Do not worry. There are some things which can really help you.

Stay Away From My Husband Spells

Stay Away From My Husband Spells

They are spells. Does spells remind you those old wives tales your grandma used to tell? Yes, they are everywhere in the ancient world. But why do not they work well in this digital world? Do you think they are just superstitions? Well, think again. There are stories how long lost love come back with a single lavender petal. So, stop thinking and try some husband/boyfriend guard spell.

Firstly, you should know why the spells work. They work because you have faith in them. They work because you have used right ingredients in the right time. As we are dealing with some love cum protection spell therefore both attraction and protection ingredients are required here.

You are sure that saying those man huntress “go away” is not going to work. So try some stay away from my husband spells. Both eastern and western worlds have such spells. You can try these spells in two ways.

Spells To Make The Other Woman Go Away

Either you increase the attraction so that your husband never look other hotties or remove other girls from him. In first case try our age old Vashikaran. You need a full moon night and some salt. Wear red clothes and face north taking the salt in your hand. Chant the Mahamaya mantra 1000 times and add the salt in your husband’s food.

So, you think this is not enough. The primary issue is those attractive girls around him. You need candle spells. According to pagan rules this is going to work. You need two white paper and red inks. Now write your husband’s name on both the papers with red ink.

Burn the first paper in a red candle while thinking of those hot girls. Finally, add the last part of the molten candle in the other paper. Wrap the same and place it under his pillow on a waxing moon night. You will see the magic from next day. There are a specific girl issue. Well, you need a stronger leave my man alone spell. You need some purple and white flowers. The purple symbolizes solitude while white is for protection.

Create a pentagram with charcoal in a quiet place. Place white candles in each point of the pentagram. Now burn purple flowers like Verdena or lavender putting your husband’s picture in the middle of the pentagram. Burn the flowers until the petals circle around the picture.

Leave My Man Alone Spell

The circle made is the circle of protection. Do the same every time you feel the magic is fading. There are spells which can keep someone away from the one you love. You need bell magic here. As this is a distance making spell you need red salvia and crimson rose. The rose will create the distance while the salvia will make him forever yours. Moreover, you need silver bell and full moon for this spell. Tie the bell with your bed using a red ribbon. You should place the same so that moon light fell upon it.

Now make a circle of crimson rose petal and put a purple candle in the middle. In the full moon midnight ring your bell and burn salvia petal in the candle. Do the same thrice in a gap of two hours. The ringling bell will signal the universe that the man is marked by a woman. Moreover, the crimson circle will bind the man with you and no woman can steal him from you.

Finally, salvia will make the bond strong. But you simply want to keep a woman away from your man. Well, you need a simple binding spell. You need to make magic tablets here. The violet and wall flower are the symbols of loyalty and faith. Boil the petals in lukewarm water and worship the mother nature.

With pure heart make a drink where you add the boiled water. Now make your man drink the same. The magic flowers will effect soon and he will be bind to you forever. They are very simple pagan spells but are very useful. So, there are a woman who is very persistent. She keeps coming back. You need spells to make the other woman go way.

Spells To Keep Someone Away From The One You Love

Chant Mahakali mantra and worship her with china rose every night. Apart from this, you can try coin spells. In this case take an empty envelope and write your man’s name inside. Take an old coin and put rosemary oil on it. Now press the same on the envelope and throw the coin in the garbage taking your husband’s name. The woman will leave your husband just like the coin.

However, binding magics sometimes invoke spirits. The spirits are send to the person to warn.But controlling the spirits can be a difficult issue. You should avoid those kinds of spells and try the simple ones. You should trust and follow all the process properly. In case of leave my man alone spell try the african rice spell.

You need some rice from your lover’s house. Mix the same with rose oil and put some near those women. They will leave him soon. Try pure Indian Haldi spell to keep your love alive. Burn some Haldi in Ghee in front of Lord Vishnu idol. Now put the Haldi in the stalker’s bag. She will leave your man alone in short while.

Spells To Keep A Woman Away From Your Man

In the meantime make your bond stronger. You should use lavender essential oil while staying close. Put some rosemary oil in his bath or give him a massage of cinnamon oil.

Try to make love in full moon nights while placing red and coral roses in the bed. Chant Lord Shiva mantra every night to protect him from counter love spells. Finally, try to wear clean white or red cloths while spending time with him.

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